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Web Meetings

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Keep Web Meetings safe

Follow company policies

BYOD policy and Staff training. Stay current on security rules. Endpoint security. Your company should ensure video conference endpoints and platforms have their own managers guarding against suspicious connections..

Network Security

Configure firewalls to keep out unwanted guests. Ensure your router is secure. One way to do this is by resetting your default login username and password. Make sure your router has up-to-date, secure encryption .

Secure Wi-Fi

Make sure your wireless internet connection is secure. Using public Wi-Fi or any internet connection that isn’t secure could leave you vulnerable to eavesdroppers and hackers. Ensure strong encryption

Access Permissions

Avoid open meetings. — consider having a list of participants (so you know who is on the call) and requiring them each to authenticate to join the call. Set up different access levels for different employees and teams.

Install Updates

Application Updates

Operating Systems Updates

Security Software Updates

Use Strong Passwords

No - Four Digit Years

NO - Password variations

No - Personal Information

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Source / Reference- find Best Practice at Hardvard Information Security - No Relationship between Companies