Digital Business Mentoring

Business Model Advisory to Platform and Exponential Organisations. Cybersecurity Audits.

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Three types of mentoring.

One-on-one Mentoring

The ideal way to fight a challenge.

Distance Mentoring.

A mentoring relationship in which the parties are in different locations.

Group Mentoring.

A single mentor is matched with a cohort of mentees.

Immediate Value

No waiting - no exposure to platforms

Backed by Watchdogs

All the watchdogs are included


Competitive Analysis and product changes get even better with historical benchmarks.

Growth Path

Start focussed and dedicated to your niche and scale with your personal guide.


Corp Website and Search Engines


Onion Websites


Publisher, # Downloads, Reviews


Firmware, Shadow IT, Policies


Social and Paywall Protected

Become a Mentor

If you are you an expert in data analytics, secure networks, or have a passion for the dark web? Let´s connect.

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