Innovation is not about guessing

Trendscoutiing has once been a little bit of mystery. Today, it´s about Search Volume, Search Intent, Social Momentum, and hard facts.

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Why work with us

custom queries from multiple platforms

4 Bn Search Queries per day

That´s just what google gives us


Social, Deep, and Dark Web covered

No Bias, Non Intrusive

We never access your network.

Second Brain

Build & develop your business systems, so that over time your business relies on systems and processes, rather than on you!


Watchdogs eliminate redundant, repetitive type tasks in your business, create huge efficiencies, and save you hours and hours every week.

Alerts and Mentoring

We have spent hundreds of hours researching tools so that all you have to do is define the rules and you are protected.

Watchdog insights

There´s a goldmine of insights in Search Listening and Social Monitoring.

Market Trends

Hard facts from Census, Investment Reports, and more


Learn from customers, competitors, suppliersand more

Tech Stack

Understand the codebase and developer reputation.


Stakeholder bias and conflict of interest

Getting Started Ressources

Life gets manageable when we have an open discussion about these questions and how each would impact our business model.


1. Overview?

2. What is needed?  

3. Who is involved?

4. What can be expected?

5. Why can it fail?

6. When will it fail?

7. Which milestones to reach?

8. What if they are met?

9. What if they are not met?